One World Observatory


One World Observatory Observation Deck Experience a state-of-the-art guest experience that elevates the observation deck from spectacular sightseeing opportunity to inspirational journey. THG, in partnership with Legends, designed and produced this Thea Award-winning attraction after winning an international design competition. THG, in partnership with Legends, participated in an international design competition before being ultimately selected to design and produce the One World Observatory experience at One World Trade Center. For New Yorkers and people around the globe, One World Trade Center has proven to be much more than a beautiful new skyscraper. It stands as a beacon of hope—a monumental icon of rebirth and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. THG looked to build upon that uplifting story by creating an observatory experience that celebrated the achievement that One World Trade Center represented while also providing an inspirational experience all its own. The One World Observatory is actually multiple attractions in one, with each attraction building upon the next before leading to the ultimate reveal of the main attraction – spectacular views of the New York skyline. Featured attractions include a time-traveling media elevator, a media tribute to the spirit of New York City, and a ground-breaking gesture-driven media sculpture that allows NYC experts to help guests discover the very best of the city. The entire experience is designed in an impeccably executed contemporary style which complements the modern, sleek architecture of One World Trade Center. One World Observatory was designated LEED Platinum Certified for Commercial Interiors by the USGBC. It won a 2016 Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement and was an Outstanding Achievement winner in the 2015 HOW International Design. Location New York, New York, USA Client Legends Industry Museums — Observation Deck Awards 2016 Elevator World Project of the Year 2016 Thea Outstanding Achievement More Projects

High Roller


High Roller Observation Wheel THG designed and produced the High Roller, at the time of construction the world’s tallest observation wheel, from concept all the way through to opening day. The High Roller elevated the observation wheel experience by incorporating entertainment and media throughout the queue and guest cabins. THG designed and produced the High Roller, at the time of construction the world’s tallest observation wheel, from concept all the way through to opening day. Caesar’s Entertainment enlisted THG for their expertise in attractions, production, and showmanship, knowing that only a thoughtful integration of all three would result in a successful final product. THG totally reinvented the observation wheel, created an elegant spokeless design with a state-of-the-art lighting package that would create new jewel in the Las Vegas skyline. Guests climb aboard and enter custom-designed luxury cabins before rising to a height of 550 feet. Along the way, they experience a 30-minute ride, complete with hosted media and in-cabin entertainment, that delivers far more than spectacular views. However, the in-cabin experience is only part of the story.THG designed the High Roller queue and pre-show to provide the perfect complement to the main attraction, with themed areas and original artwork to set the mood. The queue culminates in a massive pre-show theater with a 270-degree screen that plays five original shows that pay tribute to the spirit, history, music, and entertainment of Las Vegas. Since opening in 2014, the High Roller has become an iconic part of the Las Vegas skyline, appearing on countless mugs, t-shirts, and merchandise. THG is proud to have  contributed this superlative addition to one of the world’s great entertainment destinations. Location Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Client Caesar's Entertainment Industry Attraction — Observation Wheel Awards 2014 Guinness World Record, The largest observation (Ferris) wheel 2015 AISC’s Innovative Design in Engineering and Architecture with Structural Steel (IDEAS2) Awards 2015 Structural Awards for the Institution of Structural Engineers, Award for Arts & Entertainment Structures More Projects

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