Crystal Lobby


Crystal Lobby Casino Lobby Show The Hettema Group produced the dazzling Crystal Lobby Show at luxury resort Galaxy Macau. Crafted from more than 380,000 precision-cut Bohemian crystals, this shimmering structure combines beauty and masterful technological innovation to present a unique centerpiece. A collaborative effort that involved a worldwide team of 450 designers, artisans, engineers and craftspeople from over 25 countries, the Crystal Lobby Show is an animated, kinetic pavilion that features 32 dancing fountains, 8 leaping water jets, and an immense moving ceiling of 24 overlapping, crystal-clad petals and 12 rotating crystal chandeliers β€” all centered on an elegant, airborne crystal lotus flower. These elements synchronize to original music in an immersive spectacular of light, color, and sound. The initial show, β€œThe Phoenix Returns,” celebrated the Lunar New Year by honoring the auspicious arrival of Fenghuang, the immortal multicolored mythological bird whose rare appearance is said to be an omen foretelling harmony. Heralded by soundtrack and visuals conjuring drums, music, fireworks, firecrackers and traditional red lanterns, this display celebrates the arrival of the New Year, which brings new opportunities for continued prosperity and joyfulness. Location Macau, China Industry Hospitality β€” Casino More Projects

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