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Erik Neergaard, Themespace’s CEO, was brought on to act as Sr. Creative Consultant working with the Senior Leadership of Meraas on the Development of Dubai Parks. He would go on to oversee the BRC team in Dubai and be the direct point of contact between the CEO of Meraas as well as the direct point of contact to the studios: Dreamworks and Sony as the representative of Meraas. The purview went across the entire development of Riverland, Motiongate, Lapita, Legoland, Bollywood as well as reviewing Hub Zero, Citywalk, and other Meraas ventures at that time.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Theme Parks

Dubai Parks Map
Dubai Parks Riverland Sign
Dubai Parks Riverland Fireworks
Dubai Parks Riverland Concept Art
Dubai Parks Riverland
Dubai Parks Riverland Night
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