Time flies when you’re dreaming up exciting new experiences for guests around the world AND you’re having fun doing it!

On Friday, August 25th, THG celebrated our 15th Anniversary with a joyous happy hour celebration in our courtyard. The festivities were kicked off by Phil, the man who started it all and who leads with vision and kindness, inspiring our project teams to always keep pushing into new creative territory.

Phil gave a toast to the lifeblood of THG—the Hettemites, who pour their talents and passion into our projects each day in pursuit of excellence. He paid special tribute to three individuals in particular who have shaped the company: Corinne Cunningham, Phil’s first employee and “Maven of Information,” whose spirit lives on in everything we do; General Manager Debbie Saale, the heart and soul of THG, who holds us all together and keeps us on track every day; and Senior Vice President Anthony Pruett, who makes all of THG’s adventures and successes possible by making sure the company functions as a business.   

Anthony, in turn, told stories of the early days and how THG got its start when Jeffrey Katzenberg recommended Phil for a project for the King of Jordan. It was the beginning of a journey that has taken THG around the world and to new heights of imagination every step of the way.

Here’s to the next 15!