Project Description

Julian Vieyra

IT Specialist

Julian Vieyra is an IT Specialist who embodies versatility and ingenuity. From his beginnings in programming for a children’s health clinic to navigating the complex IT operations at NPR, Julian has the ability to dive into new challenges and find innovative solutions. He takes a hands-on approach to troubleshooting intricate software issues, armed with a natural talent for problem-solving and a toolkit of 6 programming languages. With meticulous attention to detail, Julian ensures the security of project assets through rigorous protocols and proactive measures. Julian thrives on the daily challenges of providing support, troubleshooting, and spearheading innovative solutions at THG Creative.


App Development, Problem Solving, Java, C, HTML, PHP, Python, Swift


B.S., Computer Science

Boise State University

  • Upgrade of Conference Room Systems at THG Creative
  • Establish Remote Learning Systems for Inglewood Unified School District
  • IT Server Work at NPR in Boise
  • School Bus Schedule/Infrastructure for Virginia School District
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