Project Description

Everland Sky Cruise

Sky Cruise Experience

THG was engaged by Everland to enhance the Sky Cruise experience, a gondola system transporting guests between the European Adventure and American Adventure areas of the park. By creating thematically strong beginning and end points, THG highlighted the idea of travel between special places. Working closely with the Everland design team during the concept and schematic design phases, as well as providing art direction services during the construction phase, THG developed a unique theme for each station to lend continuity to the areas in which they were built. The American Adventure station was inspired by the romance of turn-of-the-century American train stations, while the European Adventure station, set in an old European environment, mimics a classic English-inspired street of facades.


Yongin, South Korea


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Everland Sky Cruise Facade
Everland Sky Cruise Facade Night
Everland Sky Cruise Queue
Everland Sky Cruise Facade Concept
Everland Sky Cruise Retail Merchandise Concept
Everland Sky Cruise Elevation Concept
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