Project Description

Dragons Wild Shooting

Interactive Dark Ride

Lotte World contracted THG to design, produce, and build an interactive dark ride that combines the excitement of a shooting gallery with the fantasy of a story-based dark ride. Smoldering ruins, a castle’s towers glowing with dancing firelight, dragons, and jesters are all part of the excitement. The setting of this one-of-a-kind dark ride includes practical targets, media-based targets, and highly themed sets and props. Dragons Wild Shooting was the first interactive ride utilizing media and practical targets.

One of the most exciting aspects of the project was that Lotte World challenged THG to produce a completely original IP. THG gladly accepted that challenge (a rarity in the attractions business generally) and set to work designing a raft of whimsical dragon characters of all shapes and sizes. THG also produced all other aspects of the ride, including graphic design, themed architecture and sets, charming animated media, and an exciting musical score.


Lotte World


Seoul, South Korea


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